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Hey there!

My name is Sterling Myers and I am the owner of Boards & Barrels Pressure Washing! The beginning of my story starts in IRB, Florida. I grew up skimboarding and surfing any day that I could. Over time, I began to compete in skimboarding while meeting great people and experiencing awesome memories. I managed to go pro in skimboarding at 16 years old thanks to my friends, family, and sponsors supporting me. An entire year later I graduated early at age 17. I was so excited for what was next to come for me, but I was constantly going through obstacles searching for just that. Then it clicked, I decided that I wanted the next chapter in my life to be starting a pressure washing business. "Why?" you may ask... The reason is that every time I looked into going to a college, a trade school, doing apprenticeships, or anything of those sorts I would just get this overwhelming feeling of stress. Rather when I considered the idea of starting my pressure washing business I felt encouraged, or maybe even excited about starting one? So I decided to take that upon myself as a sign for me to at least try it! I knew that I'd much rather know that I tried it all, instead of having the feeling of the unknown. From that day forward I started Boards & Barrels Pressure Washing and never looked back! Every job that I do, I make sure to bring the highest quality Pressure Washing/ Soft Washing cleaning when it comes to your property.  - Sterling

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